A Refreshing Brewery - Table and Tree

A Refreshing Brewery

Are you looking for a refreshing brewery to soothe your mind? Come and join us for a craft beer at Edge City Brewery. The brewery is only a short drive from our community at Allora Wallace Park. Give yourself a well-deserved break after a long day of work.


Excellent Brewery

Edge City Brewery features a diverse selection of drinks that you can choose from on their menu. Have a giggle as the names on their menu are fun and refreshing. You will never find their delicious menu to be lacking. Drink away at Edge City Brewery!


Refreshing Sights

Drinking at the brewery is a delight. Taking a sip is accompanied by fantastic green scenery. Every table and every corner has something green on it. You can even see a small tree growing at the center of one of the tables. It certainly feels like you are drinking away in a small garden. Beer and nature are definitely a soothing combination at this brewery.


A Reasonable Escape

Edge City Brewery’s priority is to help you quench your thirst. Whether you are celebrating or if you had a long day, the brewery is here for you. And the prices are reasonable. Having a refreshing time should not put you in the red. Abandon your worries here at Edge City Brewery!


Come over and drink at a refreshing brewery here in Charlotte. Edge City Brewery has all the drinks and scenery that you need. Send a message now if you have inquiries!