A Magical Journey Through Japan - Ramen pic by John K. Mar 2023 on Google

A Magical Journey Through Japan

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel to Japan without leaving your neighborhood? Well, wonder no more! Roppongi Ramen Bar is here to take you on a yummy journey through the world of ramen and Japanese flavors. Come on a journey through Japan when you make your move to Allora Wallace Park.

A Taste of Japan

Roppongi Ramen Bar is like a magical door to Japan. When you step inside, you’ll smell the delicious scents of steaming broths and hear happy voices all around. Get greeted by the wafting aroma of savory broths and the lively chatter of satisfied diners. Filled to the brim with cool Japanese things, like lanterns and wooden decorations, this is a place that makes you feel like you’re in Japan. You are guaranteed to experience the best of what the...

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The Perk Of A Flavorful Lounge - Resident Lounge

The Perk Of A Flavorful Lounge

Home is where the heart is. But at Allora Wallace Park, the heart is also where connections, memories, and moments are cherished. The resident meeting hub is a testament to this belief—a space that’s more than its physical elements. It’s a warm embrace, a friendly ‘hello,’ a shared laugh over coffee, and so much more. So, experience the perk of a flavorful lounge here...

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Bringing That Shiny Gourmet Touch - modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Bringing That Shiny Gourmet Touch

Some say the heart of a home is its kitchen. If that’s true, then Allora Wallace Park homes surely have a vibrant heartbeat. Their gourmet kitchens offer modern and convenient apartment amenities and floor plans. Decked out with shiny stainless steel appliances, are truly a game-changer for cooking enthusiasts and novices alike. Turn up the heat and explore these features. Allora Wallace...

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Where The Heart Meets Home - B1 Luxury two-bedroom Floor Plan

Where The Heart Meets Home

Home is where our story begins, and with Allora Wallace Park’s B1 floor plan, each chapter promises something beautiful. This layout isn’t just about walls and tiles; it’s where the heart meets home. Let’s uncover what makes this plan so special.

Spacious Home Layout

In today’s world, space is a luxury. The B1 floor plan understands that. It gifts residents...

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Good Food and Great Times - Beer

Good Food and Great Times

Good food and great times await you at The Doghouse Bar and Grill. This great restaurant is only a short drive away from Allora Wallace Park. Ever found a place where laughter is as common as the clink of glasses? This bar and grill has got you covered. Let’s explore what makes this place special.


Good Food, Good Mood

At the heart of The Doghouse Bar and Grill lies...

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