A Taste Of Outdoor Dining - Grill

A Taste Of Outdoor Dining

A taste of outdoor dining awaits you at Allora Wallace Park. In our community, outdoor dining is not just a concept; it’s a delightful experience. Thanks to our grilling stations with al fresco dining, residents can enjoy fresh air and delicious food right at home. Here’s a look at what makes these outdoor dining spaces special.


A Fiery Taste

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or new to the game, our grilling stations are perfect for cooking up a storm. Equipped with modern grills, they make cooking easy and fun. Our grills are user-friendly, perfect for novices and experts alike. We ensure that the grilling stations are always clean and ready to cook. There is also enough space to prep your food and have all your cooking tools at hand. Bring...

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More Space To Love - Closet

More Space To Love

More space to love awaits you at Allora Wallace Park. We all have things we love – clothes, shoes, accessories, or perhaps a collection of keepsakes. The challenge often comes in finding enough space for them. Our oversized closets provide a solution you’ll adore in our apartment homes.


More Room To Organize

Our spacious closets give you the room you need to...

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Welcome to Comfort and Convenience - A2 Floor Plan

Welcome to Comfort and Convenience

Welcome to comfort and convenience at Allora Wallace Park. Moving into a new home is like starting a new adventure. There are so many possibilities! And if you’re searching for a place that offers both comfort and convenience, look no further than the A2 Floor Plan at Allora Wallace Park.


A Warm Welcome

The A2 Floor Plan is a unique design of a one-bedroom,...

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Exotic Dining and Luxury - Brisket

Exotic Dining and Luxury

Exotic dining and luxury await you at Safari Lux Lounge. This unique place is only a few minutes away from Allora Wallace Park. Come and see what makes this place so special. Let’s dive straight into it!


Exotic Relaxation

Hello, everyone! Today, let’s talk about a unique spot in our city, the Safari Lux Lounge. It’s more than just a lounge; it’s a...

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A Luxurious Swim in Charlotte - Pool

A Luxurious Swim in Charlotte

A luxurious swim in Charlotte awaits you at Allora Wallace Park. Come and join us as we take a dip into what makes our homes special. We offer you a truly stylish day under the sun. Let us get right into it!


Swim in Style

Imagine a warm, sunny day. You step out of your apartment, and there it is, shimmering under the sun – a beautiful, resort-style pool. That’s...

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