Rí Rá Irish Pub near Allora Wallace Park - Long bar with stools, drinks, bottles, and glasses - pic by Cindy L. on Yelp

Rí Rá Irish Pub near Allora Wallace Park

You can always find the perfect place to celebrate your new luxury apartment home. So grab your friends and raise a pint at Rí Rá Irish Pub near Allora Wallace Park. Their friendly atmosphere matches the rich environment in your new community. You deserve an upscale lifestyle. So now is the best time to move to Allora Wallace Park.

Rí Rá Irish Pub

Rí Rá Irish Pub is the authentic pub experience you’ve been looking for. In their words, “Rí Rá opened its doors for the first time on March 14th, 1997. The pub survived a major fire in 2009 and celebrated its 21st anniversary in 2018. Meticulously restored in Ireland and shipped to the US, Rí Rá embodies everything you would expect from a genuine Irish pub. The pub has been carefully restored from old Irish pubs and related salvaged artifacts, including an original shop bar and a 19th-century Victorian bar. The pub and fire restoration required a tremendous effort from a select group of master carpenters, glazers, and painters. As a result, we are proud to showcase a unique and genuine Irish pub in Uptown Charlotte.”

Local Fun near Allora Wallace Park

Ann M. shares“We brought a group of 35 here with very little notice on a Sunday night after a convention. Not only did they accommodate us graciously, but they also gave us a whole room and a couple of excellent servers, one of whom they called in especially to handle our group. Service was prompt and friendly. The next time I’m in Charlotte, this is where I’m headed first!”

Lively Times

Where will adventure lead you once you move to Allora Wallace Park? It won’t take long before you live and love life as a local. So join the tribe and start making the most of your downtime in a luxurious Allora Wallace Park apartment home. A better life begins here.

Start your new life by scheduling e a tour and lease today! Then celebrate your move at Rí Rá Irish Pub near Allora Wallace Park. From well-appointed homes to friendly community amenities, your best life begins here.