Sabor Latin Street Grill near Allora Wallace Park - Quesabirria - pic by Tonya P. on Yelp

Sabor Latin Street Grill near Allora Wallace Park

Nothing beats spending your first weekend at Allora Wallace Park discovering a new list of go-to restaurants and hot spots. What’s your favorite cuisine? How about something adventurous? Spice things up with dinner at Sabor Latin Street Grill near Allora Wallace Park, then linger at a local pub in downtown Charlotte. Living close to your favorite ways to have fun is part of the perks at Allora Wallace Park. 

Sabor Latin Street Grill

Even fantastic food has an origin story, especially at Sabor Latin Street Grill. In their words, “Latin street food is more than just what we serve, it’s who we are. When Dalton Espaillat founded Sabor in Charlotte in 2013, he envisioned a restaurant that embodied his home in the Dominican Republic, where the food is handmade and served from street vendors and eaten hot and fresh, right there in the bustling streets. Of course, our food extends beyond just Dominican street food recipes—we deliver a pan-Latin experience that builds on the shared heritage and flavors that bind our cultures together. We want to give you a true taste of Latin culture as we’ve lived it.”

Dining near Allora Wallace Park

Of course, they have their fans. Albert P. shares“I am so surprised and happy with Sabor!!! Not just this location, but I have visited several, and the quality is consistent across the 3 locations I have visited. FIRST of all… Churros… anyone with good Churros tells me a lot! and they are MUY Delicioso! and cheap… just like they should be. The daily specials are fantastic and keep me coming back for the burritos, the tacos, and the cerveza…. loving it. I hope we get more of these little gems around Charlotte, so I don’t have to drive so far to get my Latin-inspired street food fix!”

Expect Something More

Expecting something more from your luxury lifestyle at Allora Wallace Park is natural. You can look forward to spending your days in total comfort and relaxation, no matter what’s on your schedule. Weekends are for relaxing with friends in stylish community amenities that help you reconnect. Whatever you like to do for fun, you can find it here or in your new neighborhood. You belong here.

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