The Collective Café in Charlotte - Nutella Toast / Fresh Fruit / Honey / Almonds - pic by John K. on March 23, 2020, on Yelp

The Collective Café in Charlotte

Wake up with fresh coffee and a filling meal at Allora Wallace Park. A fantastic breakfast is a great way to begin your day. Our luxury apartments make it easy to enjoy your first meal. Craft your pancakes or eggs in the comfort of our contemporary kitchens, or grab a dish from a local diner before your morning shift. Our great location in Charlotte makes it easy to do either. So start your first day living at Allora Wallace Park with breakfast at the Collective Café. You’re going to love it!

The Collective Café

If you’re looking for a local café serving breakfast and lunch, you’re looking for the Collective Café. It features an extensive menu of breakfast and lunch dishes that anyone can enjoy. Several coffee and beverage options also give you that much-needed caffeine fix. Best of all, it’s only six miles from our luxury apartments so you can drive to their front doors in just ten minutes.

Dine in the Sunrise

The Collective Café has everything you need to make your mornings memorable. Savory breakfast fans will enjoy the breakfast Sammie, the custom omelet, or the Fill Me Up breakfast wrap with your choice of additional protein. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in their loaded Nutella toast, the Sainte-Maxime French toast, or the Greek yogurt parfait. Feel free to mix things up. With options like these, it’s hard to eat the same meal twice!

Drink and Perk Up

Hydrate and energize yourself with one of their tasty beverages. Try classic Americano coffee, rich espresso, iced mocha or latte, or loose-leaf tea. They also offer other favorites such as fruit juices, smoothies, lemonade, tea, and sparkling water. Every meal deserves the perfect drink, so try everything!

A new life begins once you schedule your tour at Allora Wallace Park. Visit our Charlotte luxury apartments and the Collective Café and satisfy your cravings.