A Life Unlike any Other at Allora Wallace Park - Mason Wallace Park, Charlotte NC - pic by Bruce K. on July 2, 2019, on Yelp

A Life Unlike any Other at Allora Wallace Park

A life unlike any other is closer than ever at Allora Wallace Park. Treat yourself to premium apartment features and a neighborhood full of hidden gems. So whether you love hot hangouts, upscale dining, or an easy commute, you can have it all at Allora Wallace Park. It’s time to discover a better lifestyle.

Unlike Any Other

Everybody loves that new car smell. So if you’re ready to live the dream, check out Lamborghini Charlotte. In their words, “When you are ready to upgrade your vehicle game, check out the options at Lamborghini Charlotte. Not only can you find plenty of examples of exotic vehicles, but service to match. So let your imagination come to life. Remember, a Lamborghini isn’t a vehicle. It’s a lifestyle.” Awesome.

Greenspace Near Allora Wallace Park

Need a retreat into peaceful greenspace? Then check out Mason Wallace Park. Lace your favorite hikers and hop onto the easy trails for a nature-filled stroll. There are also basketball and tennis courts and soccer fields. Bruce K. shares“Definitely a larger park and in good shape. Two basketball courts, a baseball field, a soccer field, EIGHT tennis courts (four of them lighted), and walking trails. Plus a playground! A good amount of parking here.”

More To Love

There is so much more to do around your new home. Allora Wallace Park is so near Charlotte hotspots. Enjoy breweries, pizza places, and Halal Street food. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find it close to home. A better life is waiting for you at Allora Wallace Park. Upgrade today!

Live a life unlike any other at Allora Wallace Park. Discover how sweet luxury can be in a comfortable new luxury apartment. Fill your weekends with fun and your downtime with comfort. You can have it all, so don’t miss out.